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Basha Gold

Vintage Bottega Veneta Sculptural Beaded Organza Bag


Beaded handbags were all the rage for much of the 19th century. Called reticules, these small bags would carry only the barest of necessities and tended to be more of a decorative accessory than functional. This version by Bottega Veneta deconstructs the notion of the reticule, transforming it into a sculptural blend of wire and beading.

Completely made by hand, silver wire is used to create an intricate webbed cage that acts as a frame for the double-layer organza pocket. Organza, which is woven from high twist silk fibers, is both beautiful and strong. Multi-colored glass beads bubble around the edges, with clusters of color grouping sporadically incorporated into the main body of the bag. A twisted wire handle arcs up from the top edge. This piece embodies the detailed attention to handcraft that is synonymous with the longtime Italian brand.


Height: 6 inches

Width: 9 inches

Depth: 2 inches

Handle height: 6 inches

This this rare and unique vintage Bottega bag is in excellent condition. A sculptural webbed wire frame encloses the double layer silk organza bag. Colorful beads with varying levels of opacity are integrated into an artful arrangement. High-quality vintage pieces like this are yours to live in and love while increasing in value every year. It’s never too soon to start collecting them, as an investment in your wardrobe—and in yourself.

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