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Basha Gold

2012 Rodarte Van Gogh Multi-Colored Metallic Embroidered Tulle Circle Skirt


Art and fashion tend to coincide. In 2012, Rodarte took inspiration from a variety of artistic techniques from impressionism to cubism. Rodarte throughout the years has embraced a craftsman mystique to their collections focusing on details such as embroidery, crochet, or collaging. In this particular collection, fabrics boasted interpretations of famous artistic works from the canvas reinterpreted into colorful ethereal garments.

The impressionist movement was about capturing a whimsical essence of natural scenery; this calf-length circle skirt is a flawless interpretation of fantasy and whimsy. A dusty purple tulle mesh is embroidered with metallic threads of honey apricot, topaz blue, and leaf green. The motif is stitched into swirling crescents, and soft zig-zags that are conducted into a colorful symphony around the skirt. Because of the skirt’s fullness and fluid drape, the embroidered spirals will appear to dance as the wearer moves. At the hem, it is finished with a band of metallic embroidery that helps ground the airy design.

Size estimate: XS/S


Waist: 25

Hips: full

Length: 31.5 inches

The embroidered tulle mesh overlays a lavender silk lining. Against the multicolored embroidery, the shades and tones mix beautifully by creating and erasing colors as the eye moves. The skirt rest just above the hips and has a 1” waistband. The skirt is fastened at the side with an invisible zip and a waistband closure. It has been professionally cleaned and is in excellent condition. High-quality pieces like this are yours to live in and love while increasing in value every year. It’s never too soon to start collecting them, as an investment in your wardrobe—and in yourself.

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